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Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a combination of two words:

1)      Search Engine:  A software system designed to carry out web searches. The platform from where we can find our required data

2)      Optimization: Maximum usage

In digital marketing science, SEO Services are the best utilization of search engines to promote your own industries or business. Every business industry wants that if anyone searches related to any product or service that we are offering they must find us as suitable. 

SEO strategies are applied to increase the organic traffic (visitors coming from a search engine) for a website. 

Various SEO types have been used some of which are:

  •  Programmatic SEO
  •  Technical SEO 
  •  Editorial SEO

In this article basically, we will discuss the role of editorial SEO and its benefits. A list of best SEO content writing services providing firms is summarized with their special techniques of content writing.


Editorial SEO

Also known as SEO content writing entails carefully integrating keywords into your web content to improve its performance in search engine results pages (organic traffic of website).  Editorial SEO is the process through which a business makes use of CGC (company-generated content) to produce material with the aim of attracting visitors and potential customers through Google searches.


Purpose of Editorial SEO

1)    To attract visitors to your website,

2)    Improve your search engine rankings

3)    Boost awareness of your brand


Editorial SEO Types of content

In modern strategies, it is becoming a trend to place valuable content off-page and on-page by careful use of keywords to attract the attention of readers toward your own business.


Forms of SEO Content


      • Guest Posts

      • Landing Pages

      • Blogs

      • eBooks

      • Infographics

      • Whitepaper

      • Listicles

    Content Writing Services

    All the top-ranking brands have strong content online. To get quality content many brands have hired content writers all the time for their own business which is a costly process, but there is another opportunity. A number of content writers are available at content writing service providers where you don’t need to pay a fixed salary per month, but pay only when you need content.


    Best Content Writing Services in 2023

    Creating quality content can attract more organic traffic to your website. Writing quality content takes time expertise and skill of engaging content towards your business by correct placement of keywords without any stuffing.


    10 Best SEO Content Writing Service Providers


        1. ITR

        1. Animalz

        1. Contentfly

        1. The Urban Writers

        1. Crowd Content

        1. Content Writers


        1. Article Writing. Co

        1. Brafton


      Now discuss a few things more to have a look at their services, quality of content, reliability, and pricing.



      ITR is a company that provides content writing services, including SEO blog entries, social media posts, email marketing copy, and more. They have hired a group of expert content writers, who are working all the time to produce quality content. ITR are providing content at the fastest rate by allocating your desired topic to the team of SEO content writers with instructions provided by the client.

      You don’t need to pay a fixed amount every month the price you pay depends on how many words you order each month. Their weekly, monthly, and annual plans are also available with additional unlimited reviews and changes. They also offer content formatting, for your books and kindle book formatting with illustrations.



      The services offered by Animalz encompass a variety of content forms, such as blog articles, ebooks, white papers, case studies, and social media copy, and include search engine optimization consultation, brand recognition, lead creation, product marketing, and promotion and distribution. Pricing will need to be discussed with them directly.

      Their prices vary from 59$ per 1000 words to higher values, they are more specific in their services but you can find quality content from their experts.



      They are working to provide SEO content services, through the online system. They have working experience with blog posts, email copy, and social posts. They offer long-term projects by offering long-term SEO content strategies.

      Their rates for content are very high for long-term as well as for short-term projects, as compared to other competitors are 4000 words blog costs 250$.


      The Urban Writers

      Urban Writers have a team of expert content writers. They are working to provide services, especially ghostwriting. In addition to this, they are working on services related to book descriptions, children’s books, fiction stories, narrations, SEO articles, editing, and illustrations.

      Their prices of services vary from 200$ per 1500 words to higher according to nature and the limit of words of content.


      Crowd Content

      Crowd Content are providing dual services, they offer writers to register for providing their services and get paid for it. On the other side, they offer SEO content writing services to businesses and industries for their websites.

      They have a team of experienced writers but most of the time they work as a middleman to make two parties collaborate on the writing work.


      Content Writers

      Content-writers was established in 2020. Their content writing experts are working to provide content about fiction stories, affiliations, products description, and SEO content.

      They are working on different platforms to grab clients through formal and non-formal sources. Their pricing is also very high with the least ranging from 300$ per 1500 words.

      They have a team of content writers that helps business to enhance their organic traffic. Their special field of work is to write the story of the business. As every company and business has a story about the journey and how it started to the point they have reached.

      They provide a platform for writers and clients to make collaboration for working together on the story writing of business. Their pricing also varies from business to business and required a word limit.


      Article-Writing. Co

      Article-Writing.Co was established in 2010. The responsible writers of their team are offering services related to SEO content writing, editorial, and PR services.

      Their pricing is very low according to the work quality. They can write content starting from 50$ per 1000 words. But the similarity index of their content is less reliable than the SEO of a website.



      They are providing services of content writing related to technology and data handling. They are providing a platform for the experts to find suitable business industries, which require quality content and could pay them an appreciable amount.

      The pricing rates of Brafton are high as it takes a commission between the writers and business industries. Their average pricing is 250$ per 1000 words.

      is a firm working on SEO content writing for the promotion of business. They offer content related to products offered by industries to convince clients to buy the products.

      They also offer product descriptions for the websites, at a very cheap rate. Their pricing starts at 350$ for 1500 words or higher.


      Create top-level content that converts and attracts more organic search traffic with Thrive Internet Marketing Agency’s SEO content writing services. Our content marketing agency handles keyword research, content strategy development, content writing, and content marketing at the backend to help you reach out to untapped demographics and build up your reputation in your specific niche market. The key strategy to writing quality content is to focus on target people and to questions in their minds.